Manager /Instructor / Crossfit / Circuit & Strength Training

Sean Swaren

Sean, born and raised in Medicine Hat, has been certified as a level 2 coach in CrossFit since 2005. Sean has continued to study fitness, acquiring his Personal Trainer certificate from CanFitPro as well as a number of other courses including Spin and Olympic Weightlifting.

Sean's Schedule

Manager / Instructor / Crossfit / Circuit & Strength Training

Jessie Jans

As a trainer for the last 8 years Jessie finds so much satisfaction and happiness bringing that same love to her clients. In group classes or private training, it is one of her greatest passions to see her clients set goals, improve and achieve things they never thought they could.

Jessie's Schedule

Instructor / Boxing

Trevor Stewardson

Trevor has been an elite athlete for more than half his adult life; competing at all three major games.

  • 98- Commonwealth games
  • 99- Pan American games 
  • 04- Olympics

Recently inducted into the North Western Ontario Sports Hall of Fame). Trevor understand the sacrifices and commitment it takes to chase your dreams.

Trevor's Schedule

Instructor / Crossfit

Gabrielle McKinley

Gabrielle's love for Crossfit drove her to take the AFLCA Resistance Trainer course so that she could pursue coaching Crossfit/strength training classes.

Gabrielle strives to educate her community. She has completed her certification for Holistic Nutrition in her pursuit of helping her clients pursue a healthier lifestyle for themselves. She believe that good nutrition and exercise improve the function of the whole body in every way! 

Gabrielle's Schedule

Instructor / Crossfit

Patsy Stehr

Patsy started coaching at Badlands CrossFit as a Level 1 xfit instructor. She's since taken even more educational courses including gymnastics, nutrition, mobility, and weight lifting. She also has Power Athlete training and Opex Programming: Movement.

Patsy's Schedule

Instructor / Brazillian Jiu Jitsu / Combat

Connor Healy

After serving in the Military and Law Enforcement, Connor is now focusing on training athletes. 

Connor has trained at some of the very best Muay Thai camps in Thailand and also holds a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt. 

Competing in CrossFit, Muay Thai, MMA, and Jiu Jitsu he is looking to pass on this knowledge to the next generation of athletes. 

Connor's Schedule


Kaylee Malmberg

Kaylee hadn't taken anything related to a group fitness class until her second year of college. She was invited to participate in a HIGH Fitness class, where, after finishing the class, she couldn't stop thinking about it. It felt so good and she knew she had to go back.

HIGH Fitness is a HIIT workout to music. It is designed for any age, gender, and fitness level. It can be modified to fit your needs. It's for everyone. She loved how inclusive it was and she knew she wanted to be apart of that.

Kaylee's Schedule

Part-Time Instructor

Dallas Deman

Fitness has been a part of my life at an early age. I am always learning and adapting to the times. I can honestly say that I did not understand how important a positive fitness environment and a healthy lifestyle is to the key to one’s mental health. Here at BTC we provide that positive environment and encourage all fitness levels to be a part of our community

Rock Climbing Wall Instructor

Austin Jans

Rock Climbing Wall Instructor

Aiden Stewardson

Rock Climbing Wall Instructor

Jayce Holmes

Jayce is a seasoned climbing instructor at Badlands Training Centre; boasting top rope and lead certifications that reflect his expertise and commitment to safety in the sport. His passion for climbing ignited when Badlands first opened back in 2020, and has since become a dedicated advocate for the sport's growth and community. Jayce continues to inspire climbers of all ages and levels at Badlands Training Centre.

Facility Maintenance / Child Minding / Wonder Woman

Tammy Brown

Tammy is an incredible individual who embodies compassion, humility, honesty, and hard work that contributes to Badlands overall success. At Badlands, she willingly tackles all of the little tasks around the building, and with a 7,000 sq ft fitness centre, those tasks are not for the weak.

With over 1,905 5 star reviews from our members, her contribution to keeping our high traffic facility clean (with the help of the staff of course), is consistently noted in member testimonials.

Front Desk/ Child Minding

Tyra Moch

She's a total athlete and has been in love with sports for as long as she can remember. Right now, she's totally crushing it in volleyball and has been putting in the work with regular practice and training to improve her game.

Tyra's not just a superstar athlete, she's also a very important member of the Badlands community! She works at the front desk and even helps out with cleaning and childminding. She's been with Badlands since day one; helping contribute to the friendly vibe that the Badlands community is known for.

Ballet Barre Instructor

Mel Doyle

Mel started attending Barre classes in Calgary everytime she was there, and quickly received her Barre certification training, and began teaching Barre. Mel now has 6 certificates in Ballet Barre Fitness: levels 1, 2 and 3, Stretch and Tone Barre, Pre and Post Natal Barre, and Ballerobica.

After being introduced to Pound fitness through her hip hop friends; she got her certification in that too. She loves the group fitness atmosphere, good music, and seeing all the familiar, friendly faces at class. She looks forward to teaching at the Badlands Training Centre, and is excited to be a part of the team!